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Friends of the Newark Free Library

Upcoming Events

Honor and Memorial Book Program

Memorial Books 

A book is a lasting tribute to the memory of a loved one. With your donation, the Newark Free Library will purchase a book . You may request a book in the subject of your choice or allow the librarian to make a selection.

A bookplate on the inside cover of the book will note your name and the name of the person in whose memory the book is being given. 

An acknowledgement will also be sent to the family if requested. 

The suggested minimum donation is $30

Click here for our current wish list of books:

Honor Books

A book is the perfect fit for any occasion. The Newark Free Library invites you to celebrate special occasions by making a contribution to the library. You may request a book in the subject of your choice or allow the librarian to make a selection.

A book plate on the inside cover will note the name of the person being honored and the occasion the book commemorates.


· Birthday or Anniversary

· Graduation or Retirement

· Wedding or Birth

· Thank You

· Holiday Gift

· Other Occasions

The suggested minimum donation is $30.

In addition to the book plate, an announcement of your gift to the Honor Books Program will be sent to the person you designate, informing them of your thoughtfulness. The amount of the donation will not be disclosed in the acknowledgement.

As the donor, you will receive a letter of thanks as well as a receipt for your tax-exempt contribution to the library.

To Donate a Book

To download a form please click on the link below:

Please send the following information to the library:  

I'd like to donate a book in Honor or Memory of


Occasion - Memorial Birthday Retirement     

Graduation Anniversary Marriage

Thank you Holiday gift

Your Name, Address, Phone, e-mail

Please make checks payable to the Friends of the Newark Free Library

750 Library Ave Newark, DE 19711

Amount enclosed


 Acknowledgement sent to (optional)

In memory of Abigal Taber

The library received a donation in memory of Abigail Taber. The funds will be used for the puchase of children's books. The library would like to thank the Taber family and acknowledge this generous gift made in memory of Abigail.

In Memory of Russell and Selena Bing

120 hardback and trade paperack mystery books were purchased as a result of the generous donation from Russell and Selena Bing family. A bookplate was placed in each book purchased.